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Reg Payn

Reg Payn


Good day!

I have been working with Punch since 1989 and I love it.

I love the tradition, anarchy, innuendo, poetry, slapstick & silliness and the rude bits of business that seem to come out of nowhere during a show. …Punch has taken me to many places I would never have visited and some that I would never go to again, the reaction to Judy’s derriere making a glorious appearance during a show in Turkey had me in stitches!(almost!) I love seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter , comment and heckling during (and after) a show and just being invisible, working backstage while the puppets interact with the audience. I don’t love Swazzles though...ha!..whoever would have thought of putting two small bits of metal wrapped in mucky cloth in your mouth and then intermittently balancing them on the back of your tongue and talking with different accents and dialects whilst performing acrobatics with handfuls of puppets? There’s another good use for the Giblets (shouldn’t that be ‘Gibbet’?..No, not where I would put them.) For me, swazzles and invoices are the gristle and bristle in the vegan sausage of life…

I love hearing silly little excerpts from my show being repeated by kids (and adults)

Reg Payn

I love it when mountainous tattooed men (or women)come up and say ‘you did a show for my 7th birthday and I’m 30 now..these are my kids…still makes me laugh!’

I love it when kids ask my dog to wee on them! (a silly bit of business that we’ve done since the beginning)

I love it when a small girl gets SO infuriated with the devil’s rudeness that she throws a bottle at him!

How lucky I am to love so much about my work.

On a lighter note, 2014 is, then, now, and was our 25th year together and the condition seems to be worsening, the lines between performance and reality a blurred monkey and we laugh at and see things backstage that the audience never get to know of. But all is not lost, we still have the crocodile’s teeth in a mug and are not afraid to use ‘em….Our Silver Anniversary will see a cabinet re-shuffle in our pantomime of political incorrectness and we aims to please ourselves, and one and all, with some quite different more of the same in years to pass. Hahaha! Finis.